Our Mission & Vision

10_years_old_Dipa_and_12_years_old_Laboni_study_in_class_2_at_-Unique_Child_learning_Center-,_Mirmur-Dhaka,_BangladeshOur mission is to create possibility for talented young women by creating educational opportunities for them, facilitating experiences of possibility and  telling their life stories, so that they can live vibrant lives and become strong leaders who build strong societies.

Our Vision

Our vision – in our biggest dreams and wildest imaginings – is that talented young women living in social contexts in which they lack opportunity, would receive primary, secondary and tertiary education.

kliethermes-120412-ba-61We dream of these young women participating in leadership programs, in sports programs, in financial literacy programs and art programs, which develop them to their fullest intellectually, spiritually, physically, creatively. That instead of turning 12, being taken out of school, losing control over their own lives due to the absence of opportunity provided by education, possibly having children at a young age, or being trafficked,  we imagine that girls will attend school, graduate from secondary education, receive tertiary education – and choose the course of their lives.

We imagine that these talented young women will thrive, become strong leaders within their families, communities, societies and political systems. We imagine that they will influence other young women, men, their own sons and daughters through leading, teaching and contributing their skills and talents. We imagine that through their hard work, commitment and drive to contribute to their communities, that these communities will develop economically, creatively and entrepreneurially and will prosper.

We dream that these young women will see themselves as leaders, will believe that they have a “voice ” and will have the courage and confidence to express that voice, share the vision and build their dreams. We envisage that these young women will become influential and successful businesswomen, artists, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, writers, journalists, mothers. We imagine that through this, these young women will strengthen their societies , which will promote social justice, peace and economic development. We imagine that their societies will become vibrant, healthier and will prosper. We imagine societies in which the contributions of both men and women are valued, in which both women and men have power,  civil rights, opportunities, safety and health.

This is our vision and we believe it to be possible.



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