Who We Are

Daughters is a 501 (c) 3 corporation which connects talented young women, who lack opportunity, to possibility.

Our Mission

Spring11_5kFinish-1024x682-300x199Our mission is to create possibility for talented young women by:

  •  creating educational opportunities
  • facilitating experiences of possibility
  • telling their life stories

…so that they can live vibrant lives and become strong leaders who build strong societies.

Daughters raises funds to financially support the work of organizations, both locally and internationally, which provide educational scholarships for young women between the ages of  10 and 35.  Daughters financially supports organizations which provide programs to young women which develop leadership skills, literacy, English proficiency or financial literacy.

soo-kenya-4Daughters celebrates young women and illuminates them through storytelling.  We tell the stories of young women to create networking opportunities for them, give them a voice, make them visible and open doors to possibility. We facilitate conversations and connections between young women and individuals, organizations and businesses who help women thrive and who have a deep interest in development, social justice and peace.

Who We Support


We support the  scholarships for girls at Kwasa College in South Africa.


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